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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The architecture which forms the World Football Hall of Fame in Dubai aims to capture the essence of football and, importantly, to showcase the most inclusive sport in the world.  The Hall of Fame is intended to honour the most iconic players in the game’s history.

The building form:  The 211 fins create a cube representing the 211 associations which make up FIFA.  Carved from within these fins, a 70m sphere, representing football itself, forms a gathering space, perfect for the induction of new football icons.  The building incorporates facilities for the projection of holographic images of players during induction ceremonies and other 6d experiences.  It is designed to give visitors a sense of awe.  It should serve to remind that football remains larger than any individual.

The surrounding hard landscaping is derived from the morphed hexagonal and pentagonal geometries of the panels of a football.  These geometries, essentially series of roofs with shallow ponds, landscaping and glass roofs, house various functions below, including player displays, museum, an auditorium, cafes, open courtyards, memorabilia shops and other functions.  The approach to and exit from the building can be lined as a “Wall of Champions.”

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