Do we need a change in approach?

Architecture has always divided opinion as everyone has a view about a building or a public space.  As every grand new high rise office or residential building goes up in London or around the country it is usually given a name and people debate the merits of the building and how it fits in the local area/surroundings.  With a new generation who have a new and different approach to what home looks and feels like, and an ever increasing population to house, architects and developers will have to rethink their approach.  The challenge of global warming is also becoming more and more important although for our team, environmental concerns and sustainability have always been close to our heart and central to our projects.  As technology evolves we can do so much more but sometimes just making the best of what nature has to offer can be one of the most effective strategies:  making the best use of natural light, solar heating and lighting etc – this is something that we excel at and long paid attention to.  Some councils like Westminster are also proposing to introduce planning restrictions on the size of buildings which could help with demand.   

2019 is likely to bring a wide range of challenges – the uncertainty of Brexit could have an impact on investment and projects may slow down.  However, there is still a demand for homes and the challenge for architects is come up with creative, sustainable buildings that blend in with the surrounding environment while still being special in some way and ensuring we are using resources responsibly that are being sourced locally or as close to the building/site wherever possible.  More thought and project planning in all projects will help to ensure we are doing as little further damage to the environment and protecting it for the future generations to come.